4-Hour 20-21 Connecticut Appraisal Law Update with Supervisory/Provisional Appraiser Education



This is a Connecticut specific state course and is only approved in Connecticut for educational credit.

The Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection and the CT Real Estate Commission Laws establish broad and general requirements regarding Appraiser Licensing and Certification, classifications, powers and duties of the Commission,  and possible disciplinary sanctions.

These laws were not created in a vacuum, this course begins with a brief history of the federal laws that act as enabling statutes, empowering, encouraging, and in most cases requiring states to develop regulatory bodies that perform in accordance with the federal law’s mandate.

Any real estate appraiser, interested in knowing why they are required to perform in a certain manner, will find this course extremely interesting because it connects the dots between the state and federal laws, regulations, committees, and boards. They will also gain an understanding of the acronyms for these regulatory bodies.