3-Hour A New Way of Seeing the Landscape: Owning Land with Natural Resources in Mind


Pending Approval


A New Way of Seeing the Landscape – Three-Hour Course — Presented by the Vermont Natural Resources Council.
Real estate agents are key players in land ownership and development, providing advice to their clients that can influence how land is subdivided, developed, managed, and
conserved in Vermont. Ultimately, these decisions influence the natural landscapes that characterize the identity of this heavily forested state.
Much of Vermont’s economy – including real estate, second home development, tourism, working lands, and recreation – is built on a brand reliant on a high-quality landscape.
Given the importance of an intact, scenic, and healthy landscape to Vermont, this three-hour course focuses on owning land with natural resources in mind. It will provide real estate agents with background information and strategies for a) including natural
resources in discussions with landowners; b) maintaining intact and viable working forests; (c) promoting the long term ownership of forests; (d) reducing forest and habitat fragmentation; and (e) promoting tax incentive programs and other options for forestland management and conservation.