Appraising Energy Efficient Residential Properties


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Calypso Continuing Education’s™ Appraising Energy Efficient Homes for Appraisers,
provides practitioners with a step-by-step, bulletproof methodology for appraising energy efficient homes.

It includes proprietary forms and terminology that can be integrated into appraisal reports. We share valuable phrases that will help clearly identify the limitations of appraiser’s observations; reduce liability for all parties, while providing the tools to accurately value energy-efficient homes.

This seminar is designed to provide appraisers that successfully complete the course with the ability to develop appraisals acceptable to the secondary mortgage market, even when comps do not exist.

This course is approved for 8 hours of elective continuing education credit.

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Successful completion of this course includes participant placement on the National Energy Efficient Professionals Qualifications Registry (EEPQR)

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