EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Refresher Course


Click here to Update your RRP Certification Online!

EPA is now allowing the Lead Paint -RRP REFRESHER Course to be completed online!


The online re-certification may be completed 100% online for every other renewal cycle.


Due to COVID-19, EPA extended certifications for Lead-Based RRP Renovators.  ​Certifications that would have expired March 13, 2020, forward may now re-certify using the online course. 


REMEMBER!  ANY work to be completed on pre-1978 housing requires RRP Certification to avoid fines!

If you are working in Pre-1978 buildings, you MUST BE CERTIFIED!!!


Calypsoedu has partnered with ProTech Training LLC  to offer you the online re-certification course.


Save Time, Money, and Protect Health.