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2022-2023 7-Hour Equivalent USPAP Update Course UT ($120 + $75 TAF fee)


The Appraisal Foundation requires us to to provide you a digital copy of USPAP and the USPAP Reference manual. The total charge for these books is $75. This fee will be added during checkout
Please ensure that your state of licensure is listed below before purchasing this course.

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This course is designed to fulfill the requirements for licensed and certified
appraisers who must complete a 7-hour USPAP update course every two years.

Students will gain understanding regarding why, when and how changes are made
to USPAP. The rationale and implementation of new regulations will be reinforced
through case studies, illustrations and poll questions.

Each student is provided a digital copy of the 2020 – 2023 USPAP publication
including Advisory Opinions, the Index, and the USPAP FAQs (Frequently Asked
Questions) as well as the new USPAP Reference Manual.

The course will present and explain how to use the new Reference Manual to assist
appraisers with locating answers to questions in the USPAP Publication.
The course includes case studies outlining some common issues appraisers may
encounter in everyday appraisal practice.

Some of the course discussions will be presented as polls in order to gauge how
your thoughts compare with your colleagues across America.

Illustrations and case study reviews will be presented with challenge questions
designed to prompt participants to research, interpret, and apply USPAP.