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Mold A Growing Concern 3 Hour


3-hour Appraiser Continuing Education

For residential and commercial appraisers

Guidelines by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae make reporting environmental conditions, like mold, the appraiser’s responsibility. Appraisers, learn how to fulfill your obligations and to clearly identify the limitations of your observations regarding mold! In some cases, mold may cause significant health effects for occupants of properties you appraise and can impact the value of real property. But information about mold, especially on the internet, ranges from dire to sheer misinformation. Misinformation puts you, your clients, and end-users at risk. Learning about mold will help appraisers avoid liability, meet their regulatory responsibilities, and protect themselves, their clients, and end-users the consumer from financially risky or unhealthy situations.

This 3 hour course provides reliable information from one of America’s top experts in the mold industry, Rich Finigan, who is also a real estate appraiser. He will describe conditions that can support mold growth, provide a list of mold’s telltale signs and how to effectively report your observations. Included are methods appraisers can use to accurately determine impact on value, including stigma, and recommended nomenclature. Professionally produced videos, real-life photos, sketches, and case studies help illustrate the concepts of the course.



Your Instructor for this course is Francis X. (Rich) Finigan

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