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Appraising the Value of a Mold Contaminated Building

Losses due to mold contamination for your property–owning clients may not be limited to the cost of repairs aka cost to cure. Stigmatized properties can take months, even years, to recover from a blighted image. In fact the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)  states in provision AO9: “The value of an interest in [...]

Contractor Liability: Training Your Employees Is a Tall Order

Liability lurks like an alligator waiting for trespassers to fall into its swamp. Many view the Environmental Protection Agency’s RRP rule as a nuisance, at best, and at worst an opportunity to be sued or fined.  Smart contractors have already skirted the first and most obvious liability sinkholes, by becoming individual Certified Renovators and earned [...]