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Thanks so much for the great on-line classes. I have been an appraiser since the late 1970s and have been completing my on-line continuing education classes through your school since you started up. Even though I have been taking continuing education classes for several decades, I still find helpful tips and a new perspective in your class materials. It is always great to find interesting courses that actually provide a fresh learning experience. Your courses provide just that. I am a loyal repeat customer because you have an interesting variety of classes and offer great value. Also, your staff has always been very helpful in resolving my problems on the few occasions I had technical difficulties. I highly recommend Calypso Continuing Education to anyone.

Starlyn D.


…also, this course is presented well. I typically dread having to take this course every four years. I’ve been appraising for over 35 years. It’s dry information …. but I must say, you have taken an otherwise shoot me in the head experience and made it tolerable.

Mark K.


I have really enjoyed the courses that I have taken. I’ve been doing this for 17 years. I have always taken the live USPAP courses and this year I took it online with your school. I learned more with your course than I have in the past 17 years of the USPAP live courses. I also enjoyed and learned a lot from the other courses that I took.

Carla D.


We love your instructor. He has the right balance of serious discussion/class material with lighthearted puns and jokes thrown in at just the right moment. As an added bonus, after 20 years of appraising — I LEARN SOMETHING. Thanks for Neo-Eclectic. No more dilemma of, “What the **** am I going to call this hodgepodgey thing?”

We also love your classes but we are not satisfied — we want more.

Seriously, thanks for your service.

Barbara E.


I just completed your course entitled FHA Site Inspection for Real Estate Appraisers and I must say it was a cut above other similar classes I have taken over the years. I am making this recommendation to any appraiser who wants a solid blueprint that outlines the many expectations brought forward by this type of assignment. I personally guarantee you will learn something you did not know and gain even more insight into what you did know. Thanks for giving me my moneys worth and making my time spent in CE more enjoyable.

Howard B.


Calypso’s classes are just awesome, and such a breath of fresh air. They are informative, interesting, and humorous, with a welcomed human presence. I am so tired of watching zombies in suits drone on in Continuing Ed videos, I have typically put off my classes until I’m nearing the deadline every two years. I particularly gained valuable information from the FHA class, gleaning practical things I hadn’t learned in multiple similar courses over the years.

Rick E.


I would like to say thank you for your amazing online course. They are the best I have ever taken!

James K.


I was hoping to hurry through this and get my credits but found it impossible, it was just too interesting. This was easily the most enjoyable class I have taken in 28 years of appraisal education. I have lots of great notes which I will save and refer to, and the Manual is a great document to have.

Douglas K.


I really did enjoy the seminars. I feel like the instructor is in touch with the everyday appraiser. Most instructors haven’t been in the field for so long that they really miss that link. I’m going to stick with Calypso for my Continuing Ed classes.

Dixie H.