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New Jersey Laws and Regulations for Appraisers 2-Hrs


2 hour course.

This course is approved ONLY in the states listed below.

Please ensure that your state of licensure is listed before purchasing this course.

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This is a New Jersey specific state course and is only approved in New Jersey for educational credit.

The NJ Laws and Regulations course is designed to assist professional real estate appraisers in the state of New Jersey in understanding the state laws and regulations in order to perform in a more professional and legal manner. This course fulfills the mandatory two-hour New Jersey law requirement for appraiser continuing education.
The course provides a national and historic perspective specific to regulatory programs. It covers the basic functions of the ASC. In chapter 3 we discuss The Real Estate Appraisers Act, FIRREA, Dodd-Frank and other legislation related to appraisal law.
We discuss the establishment of the New Jersey Board of Real Estate Appraisers and its functions and roles. To facilitate our review, we will discuss the following: Real Estate Appraiser Law; the Real Estate Appraiser Regulations; the Uniform Enforcement Act; and the Licensee Duty to Cooperate.
The Uniform Enforcement Act and the Licensee Duty to Cooperate, apply to a number of professions in New Jersey, including real estate appraisal. The Real Estate Appraiser Law and the Real Estate Appraiser Regulations are germane to only appraisers.
This two-hour course reviews licensing and certification type, scope of practice, and regulations related to supervisors and trainees.