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Cultural Competency and Elimination of Bias in Appraisals 3 Hour


For residential and commercial appraisers

This course addresses the responsibilities and obligations of all appraisers regarding cultural competency and avoiding both explicit and implicit (unconscious) bias when conducting real property appraisals.  It covers applicable federal, state, and local jurisdictional requirements, and also provides an overview of relevant USPAP obligations. When this course was written, the required changes to the USPAP Refresher Course developed by the Appraisal Foundation and shared with Calypso Continuing Education regarding fair housing and bias had not been updated, but is expected to be updated in 2023. All those who have participated in this course will be provided with, at no additional cost, those updates. 


This course is designed to meet the requirements of the California Board of Real Estate Appraisers for the one hour of cultural competency and the two hours of elimination of bias in appraisals. 


Understanding of this course’s concepts will be tested via short quizzes at the end of each chapter. At the end of this course, there is a 10 question final assessment. To pass these quizzes and assessments, the student must score at least 70%.  Even if you get a question wrong, our advanced remediation will assist in clarifying why you got the question wrong, immediately, to ensure you get full utility from this course. You may review the course material and repeat all assessments as many times as necessary to master the information contained within.

Your Instructor for this course is Francis X. (Rich) Finigan